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The Way to Self-Development is the result of the life events of the author George Kiourtzidis, combined with the work of his great uncle and renowned 20th century philosopher, G.I. Gurdjieff. The book distills several millennia of religious and mythic teaching into an accessible and practical guide to life. It is for everyone and anyone, regardless of their background, culture or upbringing.

The book begins with a practical explanation of key concepts inspired by the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff. What is the Law of Three? How do we distinguish our real selves from false personality? What are the Three Centres? How is breathing connected to our conscience? Kiourtzidis explains all this, in his unique, plain-spoken style. He then provides a method for getting in touch with our conscience and leading a fulfilled life of compassion and freedom.

With this foundation in place, the author gives an esoteric explanation of selected parables and sayings from the New Testament Gospels, as well as a number of myths and legends from Greek, Eastern and other traditions. In explaining the hidden meanings of these ancient sources, Kiourtzidis once again draws upon the work of his great uncle, as well as hard-won truths from his own life.

In the final part, the author gives a brief account of his own life, focussing on the circumstances in which he discovered the way to self-development. The book ends with some practical notes for the reader on how to apply the Method and esoteric Christian ideas to his or her daily life, from doing chores and earning a living to dealing with others and facing unpleasant events.

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